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Andre S. Pope Mountain Bike Skills Park

Andre S. Pope MTB Skills Park


4670 S. Kings Hwy

Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

1.0 miles / Singletrack, Technical Obstacles, Jumpline

The Andre S. Pope Mountain Bike Skills Park is owned by the City of Myrtle Beach and maintained by the Myrtle Beach Area Mountain Bike Association. The park was completed in 2019 and includes numerous skill developing obstacles including single track, drop-ins, skinny rails and jump lines. Please park at the Food Lion shopping center across from Myrtle Beach State Park and ride your bike to the park via the East Coast Greenway. Helmets required.

MTB Project



MTB Skills Park

Remembering Andre

The straight edge, Toddville farm boy that went to hardcore shows, took infamous glamour shots, and made his lunch by taking bites of yours.

The Professor that became addicted to cycling. He had a particular affinity for mountain biking and the willingness to off-off-road with friends (suckers) in tow. #wtfpope

"No victor believes in chance."

Here's to Andre Pope!

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